Listen, Ryan Murphy, if THIS photo is where Klaine/Glee ends for me (on TV at least), then I am all right with that. 

I will not watch Blaine’s character assassinated, and Klaine ruined just to help your ratings. Get a handle on these stupid spoilers, explain the plot clearly, or there will be NO ONE left to watch Season 6.

Brad Falchuk, ladies and gentlemen [Sept 26th, 2014]

I just wanted Chris taking a nap and Darren watching him idk.

Kurtcedes, Sancedes, Quinncedes > HummelBerry, Pezberry, Faberry

Kurt and Blaine need to find new bests. Rachel and Sam aren’t cutting it.


klaine haters are all like ‘SAVE KURT’ but the monster kurt really needs to be saved from is rachel


The only continuity Glee has is the fact it started with Rachel as a horrible person/friend and it will end that way too.

You & I (acapella) | Zayn Malik


"id date a fan" doesnt mean "id date a 12 year old who knows more about me than i do"

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